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Writtle, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caroline  1822Writtle, Essex, England I3679
2 Louisa  1826Writtle, Essex, England I3673
3 COLLIS, Ann  20 Nov 1788Writtle, Essex, England I3608
4 COLLIS, Ann  1830Writtle, Essex, England I3643
5 COLLIS, Arthur  1848Writtle, Essex, England I3681
6 COLLIS, Benjamin  1829Writtle, Essex, England I3686
7 COLLIS, David  1803Writtle, Essex, England I3615
8 COLLIS, David  1818Writtle, Essex, England I3678
9 COLLIS, David Harry  1845Writtle, Essex, England I3680
10 COLLIS, Emily  Abt 1795Writtle, Essex, England I9690
11 COLLIS, Emma  1836Writtle, Essex, England I3644
12 COLLIS, Frederick  1852Writtle, Essex, England I3682
13 COLLIS, George  26 Sep 1787Writtle, Essex, England I3607
14 COLLIS, George  1819Writtle, Essex, England I1898
15 COLLIS, George  1838Writtle, Essex, England I3651
16 COLLIS, Henry  1823Writtle, Essex, England I3640
17 COLLIS, John  1809Writtle, Essex, England I3647
18 COLLIS, Joseph William  1795Writtle, Essex, England I3614
19 COLLIS, Louisa  1819Writtle, Essex, England I3636
20 COLLIS, Maria  1810Writtle, Essex, England I3648
21 COLLIS, Rachel  1855Writtle, Essex, England I3684
22 COLLIS, Samuel  1812Writtle, Essex, England I3649
23 COLLIS, Samuel  1848Writtle, Essex, England I3654
24 COLLIS, Sarah  27 Jan 1790Writtle, Essex, England I3610
25 COLLIS, Stephen  1817Writtle, Essex, England I3672
26 COLLIS, Walter  1856Writtle, Essex, England I3660
27 COLLIS, William  1817Writtle, Essex, England I3620
28 COOK, George  1814Writtle, Essex, England I3637
29 REEVE, Ann  1769Writtle, Essex, England I3606
30 THOMLINSON, Ann  1796Writtle, Essex, England I3619
31 WILSON, Ann  1817Writtle, Essex, England I3650


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 COLLIS, Ann  18 Oct 1830Writtle, Essex, England I3643
2 COLLIS, David  12 Feb 1803Writtle, Essex, England I3615
3 COLLIS, George  17 Jun 1838Writtle, Essex, England I3651
4 COLLIS, Henry  29 Jun 1823Writtle, Essex, England I3640
5 COLLIS, John  29 Mar 1809Writtle, Essex, England I3647
6 COLLIS, Joseph William  20 Mar 1795Writtle, Essex, England I3614
7 COLLIS, Maria  9 May 1810Writtle, Essex, England I3648
8 COLLIS, Samuel  20 May 1812Writtle, Essex, England I3649
9 COLLIS, Stephen  5 Aug 1817Writtle, Essex, England I3672
10 COLLIS, William  8 Jun 1817Writtle, Essex, England I3620
11 COOK, George  23 Oct 1814Writtle, Essex, England I3637


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Caroline  1887Writtle, Essex, England I3679
2 BONNINGTON, Sarah  1859Writtle, Essex, England I3646
3 COLLIS, Ann  1830Writtle, Essex, England I3643
4 COLLIS, Arthur  1871Writtle, Essex, England I3681
5 COLLIS, David  1803Writtle, Essex, England I3615
6 COLLIS, David  1899Writtle, Essex, England I3678
7 COLLIS, David Harry  1911Writtle, Essex, England I3680
8 COLLIS, Emma  1842Writtle, Essex, England I3644
9 COLLIS, Frederick  1929Writtle, Essex, England I3682
10 COLLIS, George  1840Writtle, Essex, England I3605
11 COLLIS, George  1861Writtle, Essex, England I3651
12 COLLIS, Henry  1825Writtle, Essex, England I3640
13 COLLIS, John  1827Writtle, Essex, England I3647
14 COLLIS, Maria  1875Writtle, Essex, England I3648
15 COLLIS, Rachel  1916Writtle, Essex, England I3684
16 COLLIS, Samuel  1876Writtle, Essex, England I3649
17 COLLIS, Sarah  1807Writtle, Essex, England I3610
18 REEVE, Ann  1805Writtle, Essex, England I3606
19 THOMLINSON, Ann  1840Writtle, Essex, England I3619
20 WILSON, Ann  1890Writtle, Essex, England I3650


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRIGHT / COLLIS  27 Sep 1820Writtle, Essex, England F1230
2 COLLIS / REEVE  12 Apr 1787Writtle, Essex, England F1224
3 COLLIS / SALTWELL  5 Jun 1876Writtle, Essex, England F1237
4 COLLIS / THOMLINSON  28 Apr 1817Writtle, Essex, England F1228
5 COLLIS / WILSON  27 Nov 1837Writtle, Essex, England F1235
6 COOK / COLLIS  14 Jul 1839Writtle, Essex, England F1234
7 HUMPHREYS / COLLIS  21 Jan 1813Writtle, Essex, England F1227
8 MAYS / COLLIS  6 Oct 1809Writtle, Essex, England F1226
9 White / COLLIS  12 May 1819Writtle, Essex, England F3433